Abbasgulu Najafzade


A professor of music theory and practice, maestro Najafzade is undoubtedly one of the most prominent musicologists in the Republic of Azerbaijan. A graduate of the State Conservatory of Music (named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli), Maestro Najafzade is the author of more than twenty scientific publications and two hundred articles, all of which have been published in both the former Soviet Union and the newly independent modern states of what used to be called the “Soviet Union.” Prof. Najafzade has performed on four continents spanning countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden, England, Holland, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, all of the former Soviet Republics, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.  He has served as a judge in many international completions and conferences, and he recently became an international associate member of the Silk Road Ensemble. The ensemble is honored to have such a luminary musician who is trained in both Eastern and Western musical traditions. Please see some of his performaces. These two clips are part of the recently published book by the late Majnun Karimov titled "Azərbaycan Musiqi AlətləriƏ 'Musical Intruments of Azerbaijan.' The book introduces many musical instruments of Azerbaijan which also an intergral part of the Silk Road Musical Tradition.

Professor Najafzade has a monthly TV show "Yurd Incileri" ' Treasures of the Homeland' on which he invites the masters of instruments' builders and masters of performers on the instruments.